Formerly Rosemount Good Shepherd Youth and Family Services 

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    Youth Connections
    Recognising that mainstream education cannot meet the needs of all young people, Rosemount Good Shepherd have developed a range of alternative educational programs to provide support for young people at risk of disengagement from education because of disadvantage and the social isolation that can result.

    We believe education is essential to ensuring young people can avoid being entrapped in the cycle of poverty and abuse.

    Our Youth Connections programs provide assistance to young people at risk of disengaging from education through in-school case coordination and group work; while our alternative learning facilities provide the opportunity for young people who are significantly disengaged from school to continue their education.

    Please click here for further information about Youth Connections.

    All Rosemount Good Shepherd education programs are designed to provide as much extra-curricula support as possible in order to minimise personal barriers to learning. We also facilitate a Mentor Program to provide young people accessing youth services with guided assistance and additional support from trained volunteer mentors.

    Please click here for further information about the Mentoring Program.

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