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    Early Intervention and Prevention

    NEW: Self-harm Workshops for Educators

    Self-harm is a growing concern for Educators and all professionals working with adolescents.  The Self-harm workshop aims to assist educators to better understand and respond to this often confronting and misunderstood behaviour.

    This workshop provides teachers with assistance in identifying warning signs; useful strategies; appropriate reponses and referral procedures.

    “Before the course I was confident speaking about self harm with teachers, but less so with parents. Now I am confident with parents also. Thanks !” Workshop pilot participant, 2014.

    “ It was great to be educated in this topic and be provided with facts and statistics as well as practical strategies. This will make it much easier to personally and professionally deal with this issue when a student approaches a teacher.” Workshop pilot participant, 2014.

    Please contact Rebecca Dennis for further information: 02 8571 7800


    The Wellbeing Program

    The Wellbeing Program is part of the Good Shepherd Early Intervention and Prevention strategy and is designed to provide students with knowledge and skills to improve their mental, emotional and social wellbeing and maximise their chances of remaining engaged with education.

    Please contact Rebecca Dennis for further information: 02 8571 7800

    Counselling Services also operate Counselling Group Workshops as part of our Early Intervention and Prevention strategy. Please click here for further information about Counselling Services.

    The Thrive Program

    The Thrive Program addresses mental health and wellbeing in school communities. The program sees Rosemount Case Workers embedded within school communities, conducting group workshops,individual case work, parental support and advice and referrals.

    Please contact Rebecca Dennis for further information: 02 8571 7800


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