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    Volunteer teachers required!

    Published on 27/11/2013

    Rosemount is currently looking for volunteer secondary school teachers, to provide input into the education program delivered at the Study Support Centre.   The SSC is in the process of developing programming documents to support the delivery of the new Australian curriculum, and would value the input of current teaching professionals from all Key Learning Areas for:

    • Input regarding creative teaching resources and strategies
    • Advice about the BOS syllabus and programming requirements
    • Feedback about KLA content, outcomes and assessment


    Volunteer Teacher Advisors will be asked to donate just FIVE hours of their time per year, via face-to-face meetings or telephone consultations.   More information is available on the attached flyer, or contact SSC Manager Kirsty Rose on 8571 7800.Volunteer Teacher Advisor Flyer

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    2013 Rosemount Annual Dinner

    Published on 10/09/2013



    Dinner room slider


    There is no vibe quite like the infectious magical moments created at Rosemount Good Shepherd’s Annual Dinners.  Thank you to our supporters and guests for making the 2013 Annual Dinner a wonderful celebration of the work of Rosemount and our young people.  With special thanks to Grappa Ristorante E Bar for providing the venue and delicious menu; Matt Harrison and Lindeman’s Cellar Door for providing a wonderful selection of wines and the dynamic Maria Venuti AM for entertaining us.

    Happy snaps from the 2013 Rosemount Annual Dinner

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    Strength of Marrickville community spirit reaches disengaged youth through Project ARC

    Published on 22/08/2013


    On Wednesday, 21 August, Deputy Prime Minister Anthony Albanese officially launched Project ARC, an innovative project designed to reconnect disengaged youth in Marrickville with services, education, employment and community.

    Project ARC is the culmination of a partnership between Marrickville youth service providers who have worked together to create assistance for young people who are failing to engage.

    Rosemount CEO, Lyn Harrison, identified a cohort of young people in dire need of assistance who are not currently being reached by local service provision.   

     “Project ARC is Marrickville service providers recognising that traditional forms of engagement like classroom models, even alternative education models, do not work for all young people.  We need to focus on building resilience and self-esteem first.  If we can encourage these young people to feel their place within this wonderful community, then from there, their possibilities are endless,” said Mrs Harrison.

    At the launch, the Deputy Prime Minister spoke of the importance of this program in an electorate where there are areas of great wealth as well as areas of severe disadvantage.  He said “Pockets of wealth have accentuated the disadvantage which means it is more critical than ever to get to these young people and make sure they don’t just fall through these cracks.”

    He praised the ideas behind Project ARC and said: “Over 20 years, I’ve observed Rosemount and noted that you’ve always been prepared to do things that are out of the box. That is why your are so effective, this program will be no different and I wish you every success.”


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    A true Aussie gem visits Rosemount

    Published on 29/05/2013

    2013 Youth Connections Miranda Tapsell for webMiranda Tapsell, star of the Australian hit movie, The Sapphires, has made an encore visit to Rosemount for National Reconciliation Week 2013.

    Miranda is an official Ambassador for National Reconciliation Week and was invited to share her story with all the crew at Rosemount.

    Read more about Miranda’s visit

    (Photo) This was an encore visit after Miranda came to Rosemount in early May to share her personal journey with young people attending Rosemount’s alternative education and re-engagement programs.


    Each year, staff at Rosemount select a theme to be reflected upon through various aspects of program curriculum, activity and service delivery.  The theme for 2013 is reconciliation.

    Read more about Miranda’s earlier visit

    Read other news from Rosemount

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    Rosemount shows the way with engaging research

    Published on 01/05/2013

    Students CCIn 2013, Rosemount has been leading the way in action research, engaging with a diversity of great tertiary students on placement with us.

    Chief Executive Officer Lyn Harrison says:  “This level of engagement is wonderful to see and a real breath of fresh air into our thinking process and program development.  We feel very fortunate to have linked our work to a new generation of professionals, who come from right across the spectrum of what it takes to do good in these times.”

    Read more about what students are doing at Rosemount

    Read more about other research going on at Rosemount.

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    Celebrating a life lived fully … opening of the Sr Clotilde Learning Centre

    Published on 09/04/2013

    Sr_Clotilde smallerAs part of celebrating 100 years of Good Shepherd Sisters working in New South Wales, Rosemount Good Shepherd recently opened the newest facility in the Marrickville Road campus – the Sr Clotilde Learning Centre.

    Speaking at the official opening, Rosemount Good Shepherd Chief Executive Officer Lyn Harrison reminded all present of how Sr Clotilde touched the hearts of so many of those with whom her life intersected.

    “We hope to emulate that wonderful, positive impact that Sr Clotilde had for so many people in the work that we will do here in our new centre, ” she said.

    Read a short biography of Sr Clotilde Bridges (1890-1961), a lady who’s life touched the hearts of many.

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    Reconciliation Action Plan signed

    Published on 21/03/2013

    CEO Good Shepherd Australia New Zealand signs the Reconciliation Action Plan on behalf of all Good Shepherd agencies

    On the anniversary of the Kevin Rudd apology in the Australian Parliament in 2008, Rhonda Cumberland, Good Shepherd Australia New Zealand’s CEO, on behalf of all seven Good Shepherd agencies, signed  a commitment to develop the Reconciliation Action Plan.

    The action plan, to be finalised by December 10 2013, will provide ways to act on the good intentions of working respectfully and meaningfully with Aboriginal and Torres Straight Islanders.

    The project is overseen by a Steering Committee of Good Shepherd CEOs and staff, while the Reconciliation Action Plan  will be developed by a working party in consultation with staff.

    The working party is co-chaired by Bob Maguire, from Good Shepherd Microfinance, and Jason Eades, Aboriginal advisor.

    So far, the working party has articulated the goals of the RAP, which are to:

    1. Demonstrate the commitment of the Good Shepherd network to reconciliation;
    2. Engage staff and stakeholders in the development of the Reconciliation Action Plan;
    3. Work from the Good Shepherd mission and vision;
    4. Increase access to, and use of, community finance services and products and other Good Shepherd services, by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities that are under-serviced; and
    5. Explore opportunities to build mutually beneficial partnerships with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander professionals, organisations and communities.

    The RAP working party will continue to provide updates on how Good Shepherd as a network is progressing towards launching its Reconciliation Action Plan – click to view the commitment.

    For more information, please contact Bob Maguire:

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    Legislation improves human rights protections in Australia

    Published on 27/02/2013

    The passage today of the Crimes Legislation Amendment (Slavery, Slavery-like Conditions and People Trafficking) Act 2012 marks a significant development in the human rights protections established under Australian law.

    In a range of changes under the new law, forced marriage will be made illegal. Forced marriage is defined under the legislation as a situation where a person does not give ‘full and free’ consent to the marriage, because of the use of coercion, threat or deception.

    “Australia has a legacy of slavery and slave-like conditions and these amendments recognise the breadth of exploitation through the new slaveries of forced labour and forced marriage” said Associate Professor Jennifer Burn, Director of Anti-Slavery Australia.

    Lyn Harrison, Chief Executive Officer of Rosemount Good Shepherd, said “We join with Anti-Slavery Australia in commending the Australian Parliament for the passage of this Bill.”

    The collaboration between Rosemount and Anti-Slavery Australia to research forced marriage in Australia continues, and updates are published regularly.

    Read updates on forced marriage in Australia

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    With heartfelt thanks to a century of Sisters

    Published on 15/01/2013

    GOOD SHEPHERD 100YRS SYDNEY LOGO CMYK HIRESSince the first Good Shepherd Sisters came to New South Wales in April 1913, they have worked tirelessly to address the social exclusion of women, young people and their families.

    Over the century since, the Sisters have provided ministries to meet the immediate and long term needs of the disadvantaged, including initiatives in education, residential services, counselling, in-court support and financial assistance.

    “Current Good Shepherd activities in NSW are worthy successors of the tradition established by those first Sisters so long ago,” Ms Lyn Harrison (CEO of Rosemount Good Shepherd) said.  “We owe a great deal to those audacious women who were not prepared to hear ‘It can’t be done’.”

    “Through 2013, we will will pay tribute to the founding Sisters along with the communities, organisations and individuals who are each important parts of the contemporary Good Shepherd Network not just in Sydney and New South Wales, but across Australia and around the world.”
    For more information about the work of the Good Shepherd Network, please visit:

    To purchase ethical products helping women trade their way out of poverty, please visit the Good Shepherd Trading Circle on-line store at:

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    Study Support Centre students pay tribute to volunteers

    Published on 12/12/2012

    Study Support Centre graduands today presented flowers as a symbol of their gratitude to the volunteers who have assisted them with their studies throughout the year.   Two volunteers, Col Grant and Jenny Wang, were especially recognized as they were this week presented with the 2012 National Members of Parliament Volunteer Award by Minister for Transport and Marrickville MP, Anthony Albanese.

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