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    Impacts of ICT

    Switching on more possibilities

    Following on from an earlier study of how information and communications technology (ICT) may open up possibilities for young people, Rosemount Good Shepherd is continuing to delve into some of the themes raised about how social media can be used in counseling as a tool for engaging young people.  (Read more about “Switching on possibilities“.)

    Multiple initiatives are on foot and will be updated here as results become available.

    Please contact the team if you are interested in any particular part of this work.


    ‘Mobile phones, images and legal rights’

    Rosemount Good Shepherd Youth and Family Services and Wirringa Baiya Aboriginal Women’s Legal Centre are collaborating to  develop educational resources about ‘sexting’.  The resources will include materials that are suitable for young people, parents and schools.

    An important part of this project is to consult young people about this issue and focus groups are currently being conducted with students from local high schools.


    ‘Peeking into the online realm: possibilities and challenges’

    This paper will explore the experiences of Rosemount counsellors during their trial of Facebook for professional use .


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