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    Congratulations to our Good Shepherd Graduands!

    Published on 09/12/2015

    Tomorrow Good Shepherd will celebrate the achievements of our young people at The Waranara Centre.  We congratulate all young people for their efforts this year and especially make mention of our three HSC students who have completed their HSC!~We are proud of all your achievements and wish all our students a very happy and safe Christmas holiday season.

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    Mental Health Professional Development Workshops for Educators

    Published on 05/05/2015

    We know that Mental Health and Wellbeing is an ongoing concern for schools with significant numbers of students struggling with anxiety, academic stress, family dysfunction and self-harming behaviours.  A whole community focus on early intervention and prevention is recommended and involves schools and families working together (Mission Australia, Youth Mental Health Report, June 2014)

    To support school communities in this endeavour, Good Shepherd is pleased to be offering our highly respected, evidence based professional development workshops as enrolled courses for secondary school teachers in Randwick this term.

    Click here to download the PD Registration Form 2015

    Click here for information on Mental Health Workshop 29 May 2015

    Click here for information on Understanding and Responding to Self Harm Workshop 19 June 2015

    Click here for information  on supporting senior students with study stress:   20150325_GSANZ_Study Stress


    Course Date Time Location
    Mental Health & Young People Friday 29th May, 2015 9.30 – 4.00pm Randwick
    Understanding & Responding to Self-harm Friday 19th June 2015 9.30pm- 1.00pm Randwick
    Supporting Senior students with Study Stress Friday 19th June 2015 1.30pm- 4.00pm Randwick
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    Westpac CEO, Gail Kelly opens the Good Shepherd Waranara Centre

    Published on 30/01/2015

    Westpac CEO, Gail Kelly, Westpac CEO, Gail Kelly, dedicated the morning of her last working day at Westpac to opening Good Shepherd’s Waranara Centre for disadvantaged youth.

    On Friday January 30, in acknowledgement of the power of education in breaking the cycle of poverty, Westpac CEO, Mrs Gail Kelly, chose to dedicate part of her last day at Westpac to officially open the Waranara Centre, Good Shepherd Australia New Zealand’s school for disadvantaged and marginalised young people.

    The Waranara Centre provides secondary school education for students in year 9 and 10 who cannot thrive in the mainstream.  Students who attend the Waranara Centre have access to intensive, ongoing learning support from a team of specialist teachers supported by a team of counsellors who are on-site to assist with mental health and behavioural challenges. Students are provided with the opportunity to achieve the Record of School Achievement credential and to work towards other vocational goals.

    Mrs Kelly asked those in attendance to consider the true value of alternative education with mental health support.  She said:

    “Coupling case workers with social workers, with wonderful teachers, and the care, the thought about that one individual and what that particular individual may need at the time. Think of the value of that for that one individual.

     The Deloitte Access research and the facts there that  $1 of funding that goes into schooling for a young person will actually deliver $7.60 direct return to government, and $23.60  direct return to the broader society.  I think that understates it.   That’s an economic value, but what about the human value? What about the sense of pride that a human being has in a sense of achievement in actually fulfilling their schooling? What about the sense of confidence that they actually receive that breaths within? and then, the multiplyer effect?….Through education, you break that intergenerational cycle of disfunctionality, the cycle of poverty.  So my congratulations to you, Good Shepherd and the work you do here to break that cycle in that particular unique way that you go about it. I’m so honoured to be here today to open the centre.”

     The Good Shepherd Australia New Zealand organisation exists to disrupt the intergenerational cycle of disadvantage with a focus on women and girls.  According to Good Shepherd CEO, Dr Rhonda Cumberland, the Waranara Centre is a leading example of how the organisation achieves its aim:   “We can provide no more powerful an opportunity for a young person to escape the cycle of poverty and disadvantage than when we can successfully address the complexities in their lives, through combining mental health support with a safe educational environment.” 

    In Australia, education is especially important for young women, where females who do not achieve year 10 education are three times more likely to remain disengaged in the long term from education or employment than their male counterparts.[i]


    [i] “I Just Want to Go To School: Voices of young people experiencing educational disadvantage”, Good Shepherd Youth and Family Service, Jesuit Social Services and Mackillop Family Services, 2012


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    Groundswell of support as over 69,000 show support for disadvantaged students after 2014 Federal budget cuts funding to Good Shepherd alternative education programs.

    Published on 11/06/2014

    Sign Sophie’s petition to help us save the education of 9 Rosemount Good Shepherd students.

    Click here to lend your voice to Sophie’s campaign by signing her petition asking the State and Federal Governments to reinstate funding.

    Write a letter to the Prime Minister, NSW Premier Baird or NSW Minister for Education, Adrian Piccoli. Contact details and petition letters


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    Help us save the education of Nine young women abandoned by the 2014 Federal Budget.

    Published on 02/06/2014

    Nine young women studying towards their HSC are devastated by the Federal Government’s decision to cease funding Rosemount Good Shepherd’s alternative education programs.

    This has put their education at immediate risk.

    For four years, Rosemount Good Shepherd has been offering alternative education programs to students who suffer mental illness and disadvantage and are unable to complete their education in mainstream education.

    The Federal Government will cease funding the program at a time when some students will be only 6 months away from sitting their final HSC exams.  They suggest the students return to mainstream education or study in isolation through Distance Education.

    Trauma, anxiety and depression can completely overwhelm.  Without holistic support from Rosemount Good Shepherd (including individual case management, counselling and mentoring) the education of these students will be severely at-risk.

    This is not an appropriate solution for students experiencing mental illness and puts the health and welfare of these young people at-risk.

    For as little as $65,000 per year for two years, we can ensure these young women have the opportunity to achieve their educational goals and prevent them from a lifetime of poverty and welfare reliance. (That is more than 6 times cheaper than the cost of having a student enrolled in mainstream education.)


    With much appreciation for your continuing support of our work and our young people.

    Lyn Harrison

    All donations above $2 are tax deductible.

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    2014 Federal Budget removes opportunity for disadvantaged students

    Published on 21/05/2014

    The Federal Government’s cessation of Youth Connections funding means nine disadvantaged students studying at Rosemount’s alternative education program will lose their opportunity to complete the HSC.

    The cessation of Youth Connections funding means the government is removing the program which has enabled the re-engagement of disengaged youth and supported individual students to work towards achieving their education goals while being given access to counselling, mentors and other essential support services.

    Rosemount Good Shepherd is committed to the belief that education is the most definitive way for a young person to escape the entrapment of disadvantage.

    We are currently seeking assistance to raise funds to assist these nine young women to complete their schooling with us.  Two of these students have worked with Rosemount Good Shepherd for 5 years and will be 6 months away from achieving their HSC when funding will cease.

    This would be a tremendous injustice to students who have overcome incredible hurdles to achieve their education.

    To offer this life changing educational opportunity, we need to raise $65,000 per year for two years.

    Can you help us help our girls achieve their HSC?

    All donations over $2 are tax deductible in Australia.  Any contribution you can make will be gratefully received.

    COMING SOON:  watch this website – our students want to introduce themselves and boy have they got something to say!

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    Community Commerce Launch

    Published on 06/05/2014


    Community Commerce supporters raise over $43,000 to create life changing opportunities for refugees and new migrants through Rosemount Good Shepherd’s Community Commerce microenterprise program.

    Bryan Brown_video

    group shot

    room image_II

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    Volunteer teachers required!

    Published on 27/11/2013

    Rosemount is currently looking for volunteer secondary school teachers, to provide input into the education program delivered at the Study Support Centre.   The SSC is in the process of developing programming documents to support the delivery of the new Australian curriculum, and would value the input of current teaching professionals from all Key Learning Areas for:

    • Input regarding creative teaching resources and strategies
    • Advice about the BOS syllabus and programming requirements
    • Feedback about KLA content, outcomes and assessment


    Volunteer Teacher Advisors will be asked to donate just FIVE hours of their time per year, via face-to-face meetings or telephone consultations.   More information is available on the attached flyer, or contact SSC Manager Kirsty Rose on 8571 7800.Volunteer Teacher Advisor Flyer

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    2013 Rosemount Annual Dinner

    Published on 10/09/2013



    Dinner room slider


    There is no vibe quite like the infectious magical moments created at Rosemount Good Shepherd’s Annual Dinners.  Thank you to our supporters and guests for making the 2013 Annual Dinner a wonderful celebration of the work of Rosemount and our young people.  With special thanks to Grappa Ristorante E Bar for providing the venue and delicious menu; Matt Harrison and Lindeman’s Cellar Door for providing a wonderful selection of wines and the dynamic Maria Venuti AM for entertaining us.

    Happy snaps from the 2013 Rosemount Annual Dinner

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    Strength of Marrickville community spirit reaches disengaged youth through Project ARC

    Published on 22/08/2013


    On Wednesday, 21 August, Deputy Prime Minister Anthony Albanese officially launched Project ARC, an innovative project designed to reconnect disengaged youth in Marrickville with services, education, employment and community.

    Project ARC is the culmination of a partnership between Marrickville youth service providers who have worked together to create assistance for young people who are failing to engage.

    Rosemount CEO, Lyn Harrison, identified a cohort of young people in dire need of assistance who are not currently being reached by local service provision.   

     “Project ARC is Marrickville service providers recognising that traditional forms of engagement like classroom models, even alternative education models, do not work for all young people.  We need to focus on building resilience and self-esteem first.  If we can encourage these young people to feel their place within this wonderful community, then from there, their possibilities are endless,” said Mrs Harrison.

    At the launch, the Deputy Prime Minister spoke of the importance of this program in an electorate where there are areas of great wealth as well as areas of severe disadvantage.  He said “Pockets of wealth have accentuated the disadvantage which means it is more critical than ever to get to these young people and make sure they don’t just fall through these cracks.”

    He praised the ideas behind Project ARC and said: “Over 20 years, I’ve observed Rosemount and noted that you’ve always been prepared to do things that are out of the box. That is why your are so effective, this program will be no different and I wish you every success.”


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